Pinteresque - Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre
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Pinteresque - Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre

Tickets für Pinteresque - An Evening of Pinter Plays jetzt im Vorverkauf sichern und das Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre 2021 live erleben.

"A Slight Ache" looks at a married couple´s dreams and desires, focusing mostly on the husband´s fears of the unknown, of growing old, and of the "Other" as a threat to his self-identity.
"Landscape" shows the difficulties of communication between two people in a marriage. This is illustrated through the two characters who appear to be talking to one another though neither seems to hear the other.
"Victoria Station" - the Controller of a radio-cab firm is trying to contact Driver 274 and get him to pick up a fare at Victoria Station. The Driver doesn´t know where he is and professes not to know Victoria Station.
In additon there will be performed several "Monologues".
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