Behind Prison Walls: Getting into Trouble in Moabit
Tickets - Berlin, Geschichtspark Zellengefängnis Moabit

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Samstag, den
13. November 2021
11:00 Uhr
ab 15,00 EUR und Ermäßigungen
Geschichtspark Zellengefängnis Moabit
Lehrter Str. 5B
10557 Berlin
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Participants must present a current negative corona test or proof of vaccination or recovery.

Our tours are wheelchair-accessible.
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Behind Prison Walls: Getting into Trouble in Moabit
Behind Prison Walls: Getting into Trouble in Moabit
Moabit is a district that has been home to radical thinkers throughout the centuries - just not always voluntarily. From the brutal repression of Nazi-era resistance to daring prison escapes of Red Army Faction members, on this tour we will look at crime, punishment and resistance in Berlin. We will focus on Lehrter Straße and explore this street that is now located next to the capital´s Central Station but was once the undesirable outpost of the growing city. Hidden corners of Berlin, including the sites of two former prisons, will come together to tell you fascinating yet often overlooked stories that span 200 years of crime, terrorism, and people not afraid to get into trouble.

The tour is in English and takes place outside.
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