Castello Festival
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Castello Festival

Jetzt Tickets für das Castello Festival 2018 im Vorverkauf sichern und ein unvergessliches Festival Wochenende mit elektronischer Musik in Polen oder Deutschland erleben. 

Castello in Polen 1.6. - 4.6.2018

Castello has discovered a new location in the depths of a polish forest! The beautifully aged villa will be transformed into a pleasure garden of electronic delight, by welcoming all courtly lords and ladies, funky jesters, spaced out troubadours and eclectic eccentrics for an orgy of happiness and sound. Celebrate gluttony, indulge in delicious food, enjoy an exquisite lineup on three stages and relax in the fairytale chillout area - 90 minutes from Berlin by bus. Limited to 800 people.


Amount Live * BAAL * Brothers * Canalia * Dastia * Desh * David Dorad * Der Panflöten-Virtuose * Dorisburg live * Falscher Hase * Frisch & Saftig * Frankey & Sandrino * H.B.C. * Innellea * Jack Disout * Julian Thiele * Kacpa b2b Raev * Konstantin Sibold * K.O.D.: Pitti Schmitti & Kovvalsky * Kowalsky * Låmpø * Marco Resmann * Mattheis * Meg b2b Senthia * MIDAS 104live * Nuno Dos Santos * Odd Only live * Patlac * Perel * Peter Schumann & Bo Irion * Ramboiage * Ronny Ranzig * Ruede Hagelstein live * SAMSA * Soukie & Windish * Underspreche Live Dj set * The Drifter * Veronika Christine Dräxler * WRX b2b Teem * and many more... *

★ Tal der Verwirrung Showcase
w/ Billy Caso live, Elfriede Schick, JAJA live, Joblyn & Kurtovic, Leon Kostner, Lopal, M.RUX, Struppie

Castello in Deutschland 7.9. - 10.9.2018

3 nights - 4 days - 5 stages - 100 rooms - 400 people
The Secret Castle is near Halle an der Saale in Germany. We will send you the exact address with the ticket.

We invite you to Castello for the third time - a new dimension of electronic music festival: One castle in the middle of nowhere, one thousand secrets to be discovered. Be part of an intense spectacle of absurdity and excess, love and inspiration, extravagance and fantasy. Come and join our unique parallel society and let your senses set sail for a mind-blowing journey, where the line between dream and reality becomes blurred.

Castello is an early XIX century castle, located in a small village surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a 4-storey building with an area of 5,000 square meters and over 100 rooms and 25 bathrooms.

Originally built for nobles and aristocrats, it will now be turned into the most outstanding location for an electronic music festival ever thought of.


Marvin & Guy * Internacional Electrical Rhythms aka Trikk & Mathias Schober * HAAi- * Simple Symmetry * Alicia Carrera * Jimi Jules * Fantastic Twins  * and many more ...

Please note we have some rules at Castello:

Castello is a really unique concept of electronic music festival.
Castello’s priority is not just to offer its guests an emotional holiday guided by relax and entertainment, it also cares about welcome its customers in an organized structure with total respect of nature and the castle. Therefore we are sure all our guests will keep on helping us, giving their own contribution respecting a few arrangements… as following the correct recycling guidelines or reducing water and energy waste, etc.

Leaving No Trash: Our guests respects the environment. We are committed to leave no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor whenever possible to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.

- We depend on your sensitivity for the magic place we invite you in.

- The familiar atmosphere is based on the mood and attitude you bring to the festival.

- Please respect your surroundings and treat them like you treat your own home.

- Taking photographs in the Castle isn´t allowed, not even on a mobile phone. 

- Any form of sexism and racism is not welcome at Castello.

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